Gabriel’s Oboe   Leave a comment

I remarked to an old friend, who said he was “non-plussed” to learn of it, that I’d lost interest in the oboe, completely, many years ago.. (more (possibly) on that in a later post..) then I listen to something like this, and remember why I loved it… a difficult, difficult, difficult instrument, that demands a totality of focus I don’t think too many other activities could compare to.

Here’s the scene from The Mission that first used it: Watch it. The whole movie, I mean. It will break your heart. It will also, with any luck at all, make you think and enhance your humanity.

Hope to have a proper post for you by Sunday, all about Andante Music.. and then my cover’s somewhat blown.

Oh Well.


(Gandalf-the-Grey’s Disaffected Apprentice)


Posted February 24, 2012 by Capt. Roy Harkness in Uncategorized

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