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Edvard Munch – Evening on Karl Johan Street

19:26 So forced myself to shut down my computer, get on with the wrapping up of the house. The spare room / BR’s room is done… It’s empty… Sweep the floor, take down the mirror… Got a visit from Barb next door to let me know Fern Williamson died last week, there’s a memorial service of sorts in Fern and Madeleine’s house at 12:00 on Friday… Madeleine herself has also been in hospital.. well, she is in her middle / late 70’s… Mom and Dad were friends with them, I suppose I’d better do at least a cameo. Barb told me to make sure I keep the connections with niece and nephew and whatever else remains of my extended family… And she’d be in Toronto after Tuesday, and that was that… Imagine that’s the last time I’ll ever see her.

So I turned on the computer again to record how empty I feel and how overwhelming this all is, opened Facebook for the heck of it… Firiel’s on-line. Opened a chat window to say “Hi”. Did she respond?


Guess — as usual  — she can’t be bothered…

It’s a not-very-nice thing I’ve noticed with Facebook.. You open a chat window with a “friend”… you say “hi”…

They completely ignore it.

Tried chatting with Tori who I thought liked me — admittedly it was years ago — and she just wrote “Night.”

And disconnected.

Tried to reach Jennifer via chat. A good friend (I thought) from 25 years ago…

No response.

Tried to open a chat with Lorraine for God’s sake, twice… Chat window wide open at her end, how could she not see it? …

Wouldn’t respond.

I try to reach out to people I thought are/were my friends  — honestly, I want to believe this of them — and nothing comes of it. They don’t respond. My interest is never reciprocated.

And … why do I bother?

Paulette (on the phone) pointed out that Facebook is very superficial, which appears to be an understatement. But it’s also something far more sinister: It’s a honeypot, with a thoroughly noxious ulterior purpose:


Would you care to think, gentle readers, the calibre of software they have, to wring every last bit of juice out of the information you carelessly toss them? How about if, like me, you were foolish enough to give them your full birth date, along with your name? Can you say “Identity Theft” ?

Don’t kid yourselves: There really is a “They”  (a fact we should never lose sight of)  and Facebook is not benign.

So why, on reflection, am I wasting my time on Firiel, attempting via Facebook to prop up a one-way friendship… let alone bother with the rest of them ?

Why, am I wasting my time with Facebook at all?

In the immortal words of Marvin the Paranoid Android, words that could hardly come easy for a being of (almost) infinite intelligence:

“I don’t know.”

So I’ve just deleted my account. Again.

In the also-immortal words of my dear departed Brother-in-Law:

“Fuck This, for a lousy game of darts.”


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