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The New Digs…

This is all falling together far too neatly and well for my liking… Especially after the Via Dolorosa of putting my parent’s house on the market with the rest of the family insisting I move out “so it will sell faster”.. And everyone I’ve spoken to since saying: “What were they thinking? An unoccupied house sells much slower than one that’s lived in…” But I moved out, since it would only be a week on the market…

Which turned into 2 weeks.. Which turned into 8 weeks.. Which turned into 4 months.. over 6 months later…

Nah… Water long under the bridge…

I went looking at mobile homes, one last time on Vancouver Island, with Beatrice Portinari, my second realtor…

Two different homes in the same park. One, the woman was going through a divorce.. Not a happy place, that mobile home… And, just for the heck of it, looked at the one other available mobile home in the park I hadn’t checked…

It hugged me, as soon as I stepped through the door. Beatrice noticed the same thing instantly. The  difference in vibes between it and the first place… And the Cementheads say that sort of thing is nonsense…

Put in a bid that afternoon, they counter-offered, we counter-offered, they accepted, home inspection, deposit and stipulated repairs done, all in the space of 4 days; lawyers are conveying the amount for it, and I’ve a new place to live, just in the nick of time for the closing date of where I am now: My parent’s house, that I had to move back into, after I ran out of money…

It’s going to be cozy, 927 square feet, but it’s a roof over my head, there’s no serious issues with it, it’s paid for (or will be, come March 30); I’ll get the car-port enclosed and turned into a workshop and can continue with getting my repair business off the ground, and the Park Manager is perfectly okay with that; my having three cats, not two, and my proposal to paint it purple in memory of The Purple Palace, the student residence of Keyano College where I spent 2 years in my late 40s learning something vaguely resembling a trade: Musical Instrument Repair.

Wish me luck, Gentle Readers!


(Gandalf-the-Grey’s Disaffected Apprentice)


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