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This little girl’s name is Nam Yeon Su. She is Korean. She apparently started oboe at 9, this is her at 11; she’s 13 now.

Found her quite by accident on Youtube, performing for something called  the “Yeonsu Kumho Prodigy Concert”  in 2010, in Seoul, South Korea.

Someone styling herself “The Oboe Goddess” sniffed:  “Wonderful oboist, but not a prodigy.”

I posted (something I don’t normally do): “She’d been playing oboe 2 years when this recording was made. I used to play oboe professionally. I sure wasn’t playing stuff like this 2 years after I started. This is nothing short of brilliant.”

My question is…

What is her playing going to be like, by the time she’s 20?


(Gandalf-the-Grey’s Disaffected Apprentice)

(photograph from http://www.iguazuenconcierto.com)


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