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(It’s got nothing to do with what follows, but get the book and read it anyway . .  .)

Got up this morning to begin my day with my usual cup of coffee . . .  I don’t want my usual cup of coffee.  Had way too much yesterday, I’m coffeed out. . . Poured a bowl of the apple-cinnamon cheerios that I’d bought (haven’t bought cereal in quite awhile), one spoonful in my mouth . . . chewed a couple of times . . . and spat it out. And the rest of the bowl went down the toilet and the rest of box went in the garbage.

“It’s no god-damned wonder we have an “obesity epidemic” and a “diabetes epidemic” and we’re all dropping like flies from colon cancer . . . this offal is typical of what we eat? Nothing but sugar and so overly-refined and very likely transgenic grain, there no nutritive value left. NONE . . . probably more nutrition in the cardboard box it came in!”

That’s what I thought just after I expectorated, and ejected . . .

Let’s see now . . . “Ingredients: Whole grain oat(s) golden sugar and/or sugar, corn starch, corn syrup, degermed corn meal, concentrated apple puree, degermed yellow corn meal, rice bran oil and/or high monounsaturated canola oil, golden syprup, calcium carbonate, salt, cinnamon, trisodium phosophate, monoglycerides, sodium citrate, tocopherols, wheat starch;

Vitamin and minerals: Niacinamide, Calcium phantothenate, pyridoxine hydrocholoride (Vitamin B6) Folate, Iron) Contains wheet ingredients.”

I can’t even pronounce a lot of that shit.

I don’t know if there’s a debate about transgenic oats.. Haven’t heard anything in the media, but as one should know, the media is an expensive harlot, and not a very nice one. Found this at a website called:

Transgenic (GMO) Oats

Transgenic oats grown conventionally have germplasm from barley plants (for fungal resistance, salt resistance, and more).

This makes managing for allergies, especially for gluten allergies impossible.  Warn these biotech companies that a little knowledge is a destructive thing!”

In my humble opinion you’d be well advised not to tell them anything . . .

Meanwhile I’ve no idea if the oats in my cereal are transgenic, but given industry’s infatuation with noxious hi-tech solutions and the omnipresent propensity for those in authority to lie by omission, it’s a fairly safe bet that they are . . .

I know from my idle reading over the years that “golden sugar” is sort-of reverse engineered brown sugar: They take refined white sugar and mix molasses with it, that they’d previously extracted from the refining process, it having been illegal in Canada to sell real brown sugar, for quite some time now . . .

I’ll stand corrected on that factoid, by-the-way.

“Degermed Corn Meal”

Corn meal . . . Hooo Nellie!! Now there’s a hornet’s nest . . . I recall from my time working for an agricultural company that shall go nameless, learning for the first time about transgenic corn . . . The brainiacs had isolated the genes from some other plant, I don’t remember which one if I ever knew, that created a natural pesticide, shot them into corn cells, and created a corn plant that exuded this pesticide, keeping the bugs off . . .

“Isn’t that amazing?” my boss, Martin, asked me . . . I looked at him with unmingled horror and asked him in turn: “You’d eat that?” “Yeah, why not?”

Omigod . . .  A deeply committed (should have been committed) Orthodox Jew. Wouldn’t eat pork or shellfish. But he’d eat this shit.

And what does “degermed” mean? After a few seconds of point-and-click, I got this:

“Degermed means that the “healthy” portion of the grain (or in this instance the corn kernel), was removed, along with all the fiber and other nutrients that it encases.  In essence, both the terms “enriched” and “degermed” are complicated ways of saying that you should put down the box and pick a more wholesome alternative.”


“Corn Syrup” . . . Three reasons why it’s bad for you?

1. May Cause Diabetes

2. May Make You Obese

3. Can Cause High Blood Pressure


I imagine there’s a host of others . . . Starting with it is ubiquitous in processed foods. Almost impossible to avoid.

By-the-way I found another website listing 5 reasons . . . clicked on it, to get a presentation by some twit who claimed she was a dietician . . . After 2 minutes of blather I lost my temper and shut it off, and of course couldn’t find it again .  . . stupid Internet . . . Why weren’t the reasons just listed? Why the irritating presentation . . . that was likely to dwindle into a sales pitch anyway, but I didn’t hang around . . . I guess the presentation is because after the 12-year dumbing-down process most of us can’t read very well. But I digress.

“high monounsaturated canola oil” hm… I googled “is high monounsaturated canola oil bad for you”. I found this, at the top of the list:

Here’s what they said specifically about Canola Oil:

“….Canola oil is an altered version, also called Low Erucic Acid Rapeseed (LEAR) and it is commonly genetically modified and treated with high levels of pesticides.

Canola (modified rapeseed oil) is produced by heating the rapeseed and processing with a petroleum solvent to extract the oil.”

And here’s a flowchart:

“Nothing like petroleum produced, overheated, oxidized and chemically deodorized salad dressing for dinner…. yum.”

Uh . . Yeah . . . Or for breakfast.

And at this point, and four pages, I’m only half-way through the list.. In the words of Dr. Leonard McCoy: “Shall I go on?”


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