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Let’s see if I can make a more coherent stab at this…

Many years ago I happened to pull a book off the shelves of the Toronto Public Library entitled High Treason: The Assassination of JFK & the Case for Conspiracy, thinking: “Let’s see what the hell these crazy wankers are talking about — if I can hold my nose long enough.”

And what I thought to find — and not be able to stand more than two pages of — would be a rambling, incoherent, antisemitic diatribe, bordering on a schizophrenic word salad.

What I found instead was over 650 pages of meticulously assembled, drily presented, intelligently phrased, circumstantial evidence, that demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt (to me anyway), that John F. Kennedy was murdered by a criminal conspiracy at the highest levels of government, and anyone who’ll tell you different… as some Conspiracy Theorist on the Internet wrote… “Is either uninformed, crazy, or in on it.”

It was one of those books that are life-changing, in retrospect, sort of like Wheat Belly, which I’ve just finished and which is leading me to learn all I can about diet and the food and agricultural industries… but I digress…

I suppose my notions on this score already were adumbrated by my life’s experience by that point; 6 years of my life systematically wasted in university by a bunch of arrogant dolts who — Ph.D.s be damned — didn’t know what they were talking about …in positions of authority… 3 subsequent years of excruciating misery in the army, courtesy of a bunch of abusive drunken thugs …in positions of authority… followed by about 10 years of dead-end McJobs and never getting hired permanently, no matter which stinking asshole I suckholed, nor how hard I suckholed them …in positions of authority…

Which brings me to the Moment in the Library (circa 1996), of which I speak, browsing for titles…

Said Moment in the Library (circa 1996), was after the country was finally rid of Lyin’ Brian and the rest of the criminals   …in positions of authority…  the systematic deceit they indulged in over the constitutional debates and the free-trade issue … Jean Cretin was now in the hotseat and if memory serves aright he wasn’t much of an improvement, if at all… But I’d pretty much stopped paying attention to politics by then…

Thus you see by that point in my life (±37) I had developed precious little respect for authority… Truth to tell, I’ve never had much respect for authority; ever since Kindergarten at least, when Miss Pike screamed at me in front of the whole class for the messy printing assignment I had given her… I crept back to my little desk doing my best to fight back the tears…

…This, mind you, after I was obliged to do the assignment with a pencil lead, because Miss Pike wouldn’t let me sharpen my pencil when I asked her…

I was 5 then. I’m 53 now.

Read this carefully, Gentle Readers, and never forget it: Positions of Authority, and the exercise of power in general, attracts deceitful abusive manipulators, the same way shit attracts flies.

That’s been my life’s experience. Sorry to be so indelicate.

*   *   *

Thank you for your patience. We thus come circuitously to the matter at hand, Ms. Jacintha Saldanha …if she hasn’t been sucked down the Memory Hole yet…

…If so, she was the nurse who was working relief reception at the King Edward VII hospital where Kate was being treated for morning sickness…

All she did was transfer the call.

Two days later, she was dead. “Suicide”, we were told.

“Hunh” said I, when I heard that, and “hunh”, say I, to it now.

As I said in my retraction to the previous incarnation of this article: “There’s something wrong with this story.”

And reading this evening on The Daily Mirror’s website how she hanged herself in the Nurses’ quarters after breathing not a word to her husband, nor anyone else, about how she was feeling, ameliorates my thinking not at all:

I reiterate and in bold: There’s something wrong with this story.

Some of you may remember the story of Amanda Todd, the Canadian teenager who committed suicide at 15… Teenagers don’t usually commit suicide for a lark, as one of my psychiatrists sort-of lead me to believe: She committed suicide after three years of relentless bullying at the hands of some cybercreep, whom she very foolishly flashed her breasts at, through her web-cam,  at the age of 12.

Everybody makes mistakes. Why should anyone have to pay such a price for it?

Be that as it may; on the one hand: Amanda. 15 years old. Not much life experience. (Or perhaps, way too much life experience?…)

Three years, from incident to suicide.

On the other hand: Jacintha. 46 years old. Married. Mother of two teenaged children. She owned a house, with her husband. She had what most would consider a responsible job as a nurse in a large hospital in a major urban center.

IOW, plenty to live for. Also, seems to this failed musician who thinks too much, nursing would be a high stress job demanding strong emotional stability.

She was filling in as receptionist, she forwarded a crank telephone call to the appropriate department, and the second nurse supplied the confidential information…

Two days, from incident to suicide.

Am I mixing apples and bananas, comparing Amanda to Jacintha? I don’t think that I am.

The media would have us believe that a mature, responsible individual like this, with an awful lot to live for, in two days flat, spiralled out of control into a suicidal fugue state (one hesitates to call it a “depression”), and killed herself, with not a word to anyone?

Ain’t buyin’ it.

Which of course leaves the only other alternative: She was murdered.

Who could have done this? Obviously: “They” did. (Or possibly the “They” …in positions of authority… that we know not of… ) And of course, their henchthingies may have done it for them, “without their knowledge”. Henchthingies can be very obliging that way.

You know who “they” are, and so do I.

Thus I lay myself wide open to all kinds of catcalls and jeering, starting with: “How do you know she was murdered?” and ending with: “Crazy Conspiracy Theorist!”

Well, in fact, I don’t know:

I …postulate…  based on a wild leap of intuition resulting from reading too many of the wrong sorts of books late at night (Rule by Secrecy, by Jim Marrs, or Rigorous Intuition by Jeff Wells, for example), or from too often watching of whacky movies like The Matrix or V for Vendetta (which come a lot closer to the truth than we’d care to think). I know very little more than what I described above, and until a few minutes ago the media I gleaned it from said precious little more than that amidst the verbiage; merely that she was found “unconscious”, and “could not be revived.” Hunh.

I’m merely saying — at this point — I find this story hard to credit.

Found how? Poisoned? Hanged herself? Shot herself twice in the head? Found days later, naked on the toilet in rigor mortis having committed suicide by bowel movement? Dismembered herself with a chainsaw?

And lest you think I’m being snarky, here’s two stories from the United States of individuals who got up Authority’s nose and were found dead; it was ruled, by suicide:

1. Gary Webb.

“On December 10, 2004, he was found dead from two gunshot wounds to the head. Sacramento County coroner Robert Lyons ruled that it was suicide, noting that a suicide note was found at the scene.” (“Hunh”, say I.)

2. Paul Wilcher

“On June 23rd [1993], the Washington D.C. police finally broke into Wilcher’s apartment to find his decomposing, naked corpse sitting upright on the toilet, as if he had died there… The local authorities inexplicably ruled Wilcher’s death a suicide.” (“Hunh”, say I, some more.)

Alas that I couldn’t find again in Wade Frazier’s website (I think that’s where I found it) of 1,200 pages, the story of the individual who dismembered himself with a chainsaw, and it was ruled a suicide. You’ll have to dig for it yourselves, Gentle Readers.

*   *   *

So — because this poor soul transferred a crank phone call — she didn’t make the call — she didn’t provide the confidential information — she was murdered by “the powers that be”? That’s what I’m suggesting?

Atrocious and loony, isn’t it? And I’ll readily admit it.

Why would she be targeted when she had such a trivial part to play in this whole imbroglio… ?

Well… Why would she commit suicide when she had such a trivial part to play in this whole imbroglio… ?

Maybe it was done by some agency to make of her an example, since these events so embarrassed the royals?  So why not kill the Aussie DJs? Too obvious, obviously. Ditto for the nurse who divulged the info to the Aussie DJ’s. Thus, kill Jacintha as a warning to the other parties? Possibly.

Maybe it was done by some agency simply to keep Kate and Will in the news … ? “They” would “off” someone for a reason as trivial as that? Sure they would! We should deal with Persons in Authority (as far as we can), very much the way Barney dealt with Hannibal Lecter: He never forgot what he was dealing with.

Oh, and by the way, read up, in those wrong sorts of books I mentioned, on the decisions made by Persons in Authority, leading up to events like the sinking of the Lusitania or the Japanese attack on Pear Harbour: Odd how the Japanese sank all the obsolete battleships, which were in port. But the modern aircraft carriers were all safely well out to sea.

You should have a look at the machinations of the Bush dynasty, among others (and among other things), to get Hitler in power and keep him there.

They’re perfectly capable of killing thousands of us at once to advance their aims. Thus, what’s one 46-year-old wife and mother to them?

One brutal lesson I’ve learned from life, if not Conspiracy Theory: How systematically and viciously we’re lied to.

Think all that’s crazy, and really, a bit hard to credit? So’s this story of Jacintha Saldanha committing suicide.

Sorry Gentle Readers: I really do, think this way. (Usually have the sense to shut up about it, tho’. )

So would you, if you read one or two of those books, and thought about it.

Meanwhile, the media’s going to weary our ears for the next nine months with the reports of the progress of Kate’s pregnancy; people will eat it up just as if it’s important… and eventually another “bumbling drone from the German hive” will materialize, all ready to squat on the throne of England should its turn ever come…

‘Bye for now.

PS: Here’s the clip that gave me my title:

PPS: Love the spin doctoring at the end: “Perhaps a stroke… No, no.. too horrific. Perhaps a quiet, dignified death in his sleep.”


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