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“The truth is only relative to what you can earn from a lie.”

— Einstein

Cripes. Albert must have been brighter than I thought…

Heard a note on CBC last night about Jacintha: Seems they’ve finally done the autopsy… It’s just like Kennedy’s “magic bullet.”* How can they spew this shit, live or otherwise, and not choke? 2 – 3 hours a day of TV and Radio will do to your brain, what this contraption from the ’70’s would do to your vegetables:

● Seems she hanged herself.

● After she slashed her wrists several times.

● And after having left not one, not two, but THREE suicide notes.

● It slices! It dices!

That penultimate factoid reminds me of Satam al Suqami’s and Mohammed Atta’s passports.. You know? The ones that were found on top of the rubble of 9/11, fresh as the day they were printed?

Yeah. Suicide. Gotta be… Just gotta…

Listen folks: She was a nurse. I think it’s safe to say she knew at least ONE effective, relatively painless way to die, and likely would have used it.

* “The official story is that the military-jacketed round was fired by Oswald’s rifle, entered JFK’s back, exited his throat, entered John Connally’s back, made several wounds and shattered bones, to somehow lodge in Connally’s clothing, to be found in virtually undamaged condition on an unused stretcher in Parkland Hospital.”

( – Footnote 15)


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