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Happy memories of Falmouth, Nova Scotia…

So… let’s see now…

•    “Reflections on the Epiphany, January 2015”: Comments on 2014 and a sober long-overdue assessment of my situation. Somewhere about then I resolved to publish a post a week.
•    “Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie”: An somewhat-off-topic commentary on Charlie Hebdo.
•    “Bucket Reading List”: My “Booket List” — all 901 of them. Hopefully some will be read, maybe even acted on, before I die.
•    “A Tall Order”: Some more reflections on my situation, resolution to do better and a list of “projects”.
•    “The Andante Project — Part 1: Reflections on What Were Meant to be Good Ideas” — Far as I was concerned.
•   “The Andante Project — Part 2: Of Jazz-Era Saxophones and Old Lace”: Reflections on what others thought would be Good Ideas… BTW there’ll be a lot more of The Andante Project Gentle Readers…

•    Sunday, February 22, 2015 I’ll be performing in church (Telemann’s Trio Sonata in E♭ Major) and I intend to post a recording of it…

In the meantime, we’re 6½ weeks into the new year… thus far all my grand intentions have been just grand intentions; embryonic even at that. What have I got to show for it? “Words and writing are all nothing and must die, for action is the life of all, and if thou dost not act, thou dost nothing.” Thank you, Mr. Winstanley. Thank you, very much. Got my veteran’s plates ordered at least…

…On the other hand I’ve been attempting to cope for months now with a massive disruption. That’s finished and I’m consequently far better able to focus on getting on with it. But first! Wake up this morning to a non-alcohol-induced hangover (“sleep deprivation, shurely?!” — ed.) and a tiny house that looks like a bomb hit it. And laundry to iron, fold, and put away. And Lacie Cat’s infected eyes… and Cagnie Cat’s constant barfing and diarrhea… and another vet bill on Wednesday… And the catbox… Housecleaning and a visit from Medea my living incarnation of all that’s good of the feminine aspects of Greek Mythology and an evening spent together with Netflix. This week I want to finish the silver sax and get started on the nickel sax, order a bunch of parts and supplies so I can get on with the rest of the jun—instruments I mean…

•    Rejoin CAA — my car is  22 years old after all, and towing is expensive.

•    Visit the kind of financial advisor who advises in such things, see what can be done about the financial mess… although I gather from my vet and his receptionist that a lot of people are hurting lately so at least I’ve got good company.

•    Books to order:

–   Dead Wrong II: Diana Princess of Wales
–   Japanese Gardens in a Weekend
–   Disciplined Minds: A Critical Look at Salaried Professionals and the Soul-battering System That Shapes Their Lives (Don’t imagine that’ll ever be my problem, mind you)
–   A Guide for the Perplexed
–   Surviving the Economic Collapse
–   Becoming Batman
–   Earning Money w/o a Job

Triviality of Everydayness 1 Titles

•    Junk to consider:

–    New Jack Harkness figurineTriviality of Everydayness 2 - Jack Harkness Figurine.
–    Stuff on voice production Neal recommended.
–   Cripes… What was that thing I wanted to get, for about $30, that wasn’t a book… ? Ah yes! — That was it! Get a membership to “Coast-to-Coast AM On-Line”, since I’ll no longer be listening to it half-awake at 2 in the morning…

•    And oh yeah, I’ve got some crusty cat puke from a week ago to clean up. And book appointments with the dentist and the periodontist (both) now that I can afford to again — those items oughta burn up some Bad Karma — and while I’m thinking about it, new glasses since my old ones are almost opaque from scratches. OTriviality of Everydayness 3 - Coast to Coastnwards and Upwards.

*   *   *

I’m grieved to report — I’ve just this learned far later than I should have — of the passing of Colin Wilson, my great exemplar, who accomplished what he did — authored 181 books and set his mark on a whole lot of people — possessed merely of his O Levels: What we in North America would call “A grade 10 education”: December 5, 2013, aged 82… I thought he was the one who first spoke of “The Triviality of Everydayness” but no, it was the great Martin Heideggar, who coined the phrase…

… Eternal Rest grant unto him O Lord (Colin not Martin), and may light perpetual shine upon him. Sleep well, Colin. I wish I could have met you.

Triviality of Everydayness 4 - Dreaming to Some Purpose


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