The Journey of a Thousand Miles – Part 2   Leave a comment

Further to my most recent post, and I’m sorry  I haven’t posted anything in a month…

I’m not sure where, exactly, or even when, that I acquired the comic booklet the contents of which I scanned and uploaded below… Some time before the turn of the millennia, since it says “Copyright 1997 – The Canadian Action Party”, which I thought had imploded just in time for the year 2000 federal election.. But to my astonishment, no, they haven’t, they’re alive and well, although I also think they’ve yet to field a parliamentary seat… more’s the pity… Paul Hellyer was/is a voice crying in the wilderness, far as I’m concerned, and so alas are his successors… be that as it may, I’ll probably be mailing an application next paycheque…And hopefully they won’t mind my uploading it, since it was free literature being passed out, and their ideas are getting, a few years late, a bit of attention..


Canadian Action 1001

Canadian Action 2002

Canadian Action 3003

Canadian Action 4004

Canadian Action 5005

Canadian Action 6006

Canadian Action 7007 (2)

Canadian Action 9009

Canadian Action 10010

Canadian Action 11011

Canadian Action 13013


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