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So a bit too much decompression last night, stopped off at Mac’s on Helmkin/Interurban the way home, large Coffee Crisp®… bag of cheesies… aka “cheese bones”… (“f*** it: I could be dead tomorrow” I’ve told myself far too often, far too accurately) …didn’t switch off the light ’til 1:28 in the morning.. 6:40 this morning?

Bloody Hell: Wide awake’n’rarin’…

Told myself I wanted a bit more sleep, kept myself still, thought I was beginning to nod off…

When I awoke it was 10:55… Was thinking I’d get one or two of the patches on the latest saxophone soldered on… “Maybe doing nothing at all for awhile might be a much better idea?” intruded into my conscious mind shortly thereafter; in any event, Medea said she’d drop by in an hour and visit for a bit …


So before heading off to work I did some more writing on my proposed blog post for November 5… meanwhile found the following article on Cryptogon this morning, which I quote in its entirety. November 5 after all is a little over a week from now, but after perusing Kevin’s latest comments I felt he wouldn’t mind horribly much if I simply cut-and-pasted his entry for today… with some comments of my own… and for what they’re worth…

That said, the campaign for the upcoming American election has got to be the most grotesque political theatre in an allegedly First World country that I have witnessed — so far — during my lifetime. Closest I can come to, from my amateur (in the best sense of the word) study of history is the German Federal Election of November 6th , 1932… Read this carefully, gentle readers:


It doesn’t matter if Donald or Hilary wins this (s)election…


Enough said? I shudder to think where we could be in 6 month’s time, let alone 2020.

a la Prochaine!
Captain Roy Harkness


From , Otober 28, 2016:


“October 28th, 2016

Say that your Doom Condition scale runs from 5 to 1, with 5 representing ‘Situation Normal’ to 1 representing flaming zombies wandering the streets, etc.

Even on the best of days, I keep my own DoomCon dial set to 4, because ‘Situation Normal’ looks pretty bad in many ways.

With the way the markets are behaving, and with the presidential election disaster right around the corner, I’d take it down another notch to DoomCon 3 for people in the U.S.

If you have a doomstead somewhere, it might not be a bad idea to take a little vacation out there for the next couple of weeks.

Team Hillary running provocateurs and engaging in vote fraud indicates to me that they are willing to get this thing done by any means necessary.

Trump may accept defeat, or he may not.

And what if, by some miracle, Trump wins?!

Impossible, right?

See Professor Helmut Norpoth’s prediction:

A professor who developed a model which successfully predicted all but one presidential election result for the past 100 years has claimed Donald Trump will win the election.

Professor Helmut Norpoth, of New York’s SUNY Stony Brook University, said the Republican candidate was likely to triumph in two weeks time because he was the strongest candidate in the primaries.

The political scientist developed a model which, when applied retroactively, accurately predicted every presidential election since 1912 – with the exception of the 2000 election, when it said Democratic candidate Al Gore would win.

Mr Gore won the popular vote, but following a dispute result in Florida, George W Bush was awarded more votes in the Electoral College and thus won the election.

The model suggests that the candidate who performs better in their parties primary race will go on to win the presidency.

But I just can’t see Trump happening. I think it’s because I spent a lot of time in college learning about the the global order that emerged after World War 2, and the decades of atrocities that followed.

Hillary represents the crew behind all of that.

Are those people going to let a guy into power who wants to upset the apple cart? Get rid of NAFTA. Weaken NATO. Cut off the source of infinite cheap labor through the southern border. Mess with protected narcotics trafficking networks. On and on.

I don’t think so.

A reader suggested that maybe Trump could be allowed in right before They scuttle the ship, blaming the whole disaster on him.


That is a situation I had not thought of previously. Maybe, but I doubt it will happen because it’s just too hairy. Too many wildcards.

So, breaking it down, I think that there’s about a 60% chance that Hillary will be installed without any major short term problems.


I’d say that there’s a 40% chance of moderate social unrest and/or some other wildcard event within a two week window of the election.

There’s bad trouble ahead for the U.S., whether it’s Clinton or Trump, but let’s get through the next couple of weeks first.”


PS: A “Doomstead”? I love it. Wish I could begin to afford one, however humble. More from me on November 5.


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  1. Roy me lad
    Check out If you are really thinking of a Doomstead. BTW I observe that you write Very well. Athough you could meander less, I think there are lots of people out there who would be interested in what you have to say. if you called your blog something else that might capture interest like say “Nov 9-descending into madness…..” just a thought
    Rose Gamgee

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