Talking To Deltas about Liberty – Part 1   Leave a comment

Because our world is not the same as Othello’s world. You can’t make flivvers without steel —
and you can’t make tragedies without social instability. The world’s stable now.
People are happy; they get what they want, and they never want what they can’t get.
They’re well off; they’re safe; they’re never ill; they’re not afraid of death;
they’re blissfully ignorant of passion and old age; they’re plagued with no mothers or fathers;
they’ve got no wives, or children, or lovers to feel strongly about;
they’re so conditioned that they practically can’t help behaving as they ought to behave.
And if anything should go wrong, there’s Soma…

Which you go and chuck out of the window in the name of liberty, Mr. Savage. Liberty!
He laughed. “Expecting Deltas to know what liberty is!
And now expecting them to understand Othello! My good boy!

— “Mustapha Mond”
Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

I should know better than to go on Facebook.

Only and unwillingly rejoined it to reach some Veteran’s support groups I’ve yet to contact. But some months back during the American Election I found this stinking piece of excremental drivel authored by one Andy Borowitz posted by a friend thereon whom I shall call “Diapnosophes.”


I’ll talk about Diapnosophes later. Meanwhile further perusals on Facebook and I found the following three items — among far too many others.


*….. *….. *


An individual whom I’ll call “Diana” since that’s her name and it’s now months ago and likely she’s forgotten all about it, posted the following sublime consideration:


As Screwtape might have written to her:

“My dear.. My very dear, Diana… my poppet, my pigsnie…

Google ‘Hillary Clinton War Crimes’

Google ‘Murders Connected Clintons’

Hillary’s entire political career has been spent as a henchthingy for the Bush Family Crime Syndicate, who — among many other things — were instrumental in bringing Hitler to power and doing everything they could to keep him there; participated in the murders of John and Robert Kennedy — I have my suspicions about Martin Luther King (and come to think of it, John Lennon) — brought us 9/11, Al-Qaeda and ISIS; Hillary herself despises most of “Flyover America” (and if we were Americans, my darling, “Flyover America” would likely include me and you); as Secretary of State (the Presstitutes don’t talk about this much) pushed Russia to the brink of a nuclear exchange, said of the murder of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi “We came, we saw, he died” — no-one deserves to die, the way Gaddafi did  — and was responsible for initiating a series of wars which benefited the average American not at all never mind the miserable wretches on the receiving end, consequently producing the worst refugee crisis since The Second World War.

Let’s not even talk about the Vietnam War, which you are possibly far too young to remember…

Notice that little girl in the middle? What many commentators neglected to mention,
is when this photo was taken, her back was covered in burning napalm.
Bought and paid for by the monsters who employ Hillary — but who detest Donald Trump.
Multiply this atrocity quite a few million times since 1972?
Could have something to do with why America is held in such low regard in the world.


These factoids and a whole bunch more should take you at most half an hour on Google to find. With my minimal skills took me about 10 minutes. They are documented. But that doesn’t matter to you, having uttered on Facebook your ill-considered whine: Donald Trump used indiscrete locker room language in front of a live microphone. Shameful. Absolutely disgraceful.

Granted Donald is by all accounts a bumptious oaf. But unlike him, Hillary really is a war criminal, a murderess, and a collaborator. Don’t believe me? The above photograph not enough? Have a look at what Julian Assange, John Pilger or Dr. Paul Craig Roberts among many others have to say about her.

Or have a look at the books The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush by Anton Chaitkin and Webster Tarpley or Primary Colors by “Anonymous” (AKA Joe Klein).

We look forward to her penultimate arrival here below.

Your Affectionate Uncle,

*….. *…..*


Here’s another beauty on Facebook from some individual evidently suffering a melanin over-sufficiency whom I’ll name “Raina” because her real first name on Facebook makes her too easy to find:


An interesting list of factoids…  And yet me doubt me, and they add up to any kind of argument. It’s apparently what goes for left-wing thinking these days: “All white-skinned peoples except leftists, including apparently victimized women, are racist by definition.  Racism and victimization are the explanations of everything, all of history, all institutions, even the US Constitution.”

( )

What we have here isn’t “failure to communicate.” What we have here is remarkably muddy, and yes, bigoted, thinking. The kind of muddy and bigoted thinking that brought Canada back in the day, the FLQ crisis and the murder of Pierre Laporte…

… Come to think of it.. a few years before that, Nazi Germany and  the Holocaust…

And yes, the “Strange Fruit” alluded to by Billie Holiday. Two wrongs don’t make a right, Raina.

That said…

●  “Susan B Anthony was a racist”? Um… Raina? Susan B. Anthony was remarkably progressive — for her day. But that was well over 100 years ago. She died in 1906.  Hard to imagine someone of that time not being a racist, or at least a bit of a bigot. Learn how Irish immigrants were mistreated when they began coming over back in the 1840s and ’50s: They were white, sho’ nuff. But they were also Catholic…

● “White Women versus Black Women in the ‘50s?” um.. Raina, some more? That’s still, nearly 60 years ago.

● “Birth control was made available through unethical experimentation on Puerto Rican woman?” Well, that’s nasty. I didn’t know anything about this. But compare it to First Nations being sold small-pox infested blankets. And still.. what’s it got to do with anything else on this list? Puerto Ricans are Hispanic, thus, white..

● “Do not forget that many of your beloved white feminist scholars are TERFS”..

… What’s a “ TERF ”? …

It’s  a…


(… drumroll …)


(… wait for it…)

“Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist.”


… In other words a sub-set of Radical Feminists… who have issues about transexualism …

Gee whiz. The nasty intolerant bitches. They have issues with transexualism. Can you imagine?

Actually yes I could. I like to think I’m a pretty broad-minded kinda guy. But I draw the line long before this. In fact, let’s cut the crap, right now: Transsexuals are very, very, VERY sick people, who want to — or have had — their bodies grossly mutilated in a grotesque parody of the opposite sex. To my mind their sudden appearance is symptomatic of a culture in terminal decline. I’ll be damned, quite honestly, if I’ll be tolerant of this rubbish, and I quite understand why any number of women also would take issue with it. Let alone share a washroom with these sickos.

… While we’re on the subject … Why are transsexuals consistently lumped in with gays and lesbians? Something wrong here. But in any event, I digress: What have transsexual issues got to do with racism?

● “The majority of white women voted for Trump”? Um, even more? … First of all, America is famous for low voter turnout, I suspect because most Americans know it’s a waste of time.  But of the American women who voted, while 43% of black women voted for Donald Trump — an astonishing percentage on the face of it — of the white women within that group, 53% voted for Donald Trump.* Scarcely majority of white women in America.

● “If you want to be an ally the first thing is to never forget.” Yes, Raina, you’re right: The black experience in America has been appalling. But the First Nations’ experience makes it look like a picnic.  You’re evidently unaware how some African tribes through the 17th — 19th centuries sold captured members of other African tribes into slavery in the first place. Black-on-black, not white-on-black, atrocities. Have a gander at what happened fairly recently in Rwanda. Hutu men raping Tutsi women and then hacking off their hands and/or breasts. Abominable isn’t it? But again: black-on-black, not white-on-black, atrocities. Read about the 30 Years War, or the Irish Potato Famine. Learn about Armenia in 1918. The state-sponsored famine in the Ukraine 1930-32. All white-on-white atrocities. Learn about the Japanese occupation of Manchukuo in the 1930s, or Democratic Kampuchea in the 1970s. Wow. Yellow-on-yellow atrocities. For crying out loud, learn about what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians! — If any ethnic group should have learned a lesson about compassion, surely it is the Jews! I could go on for pages citing atrocities over the length of recorded history. But Raina, I hope I’ve made my point: It ain’t necessarily “White versus Black”:

It’s what, may God have mercy upon us, what humans beings do to each other; “the iniquity is on us all”, and the only solution is remembering you’re civilized, of restraint, compassion… and of forgiveness…

(* )




The following not exactly masterpiece of intelligent and witty invective was authored by an individual whom I’ll call “Bill”, in case he reads this and recognizes his writing. But like Doug and Bob the Metropolitan Policeman, I won’t give out his last name.


I can hear John Cleese now: “Lord Cheeto of the Orange Anus? Lord Cheeto of the Orange Anus? What kind of talk is this?” It’s not even original. “Cheeto”, apparently Bill got from the fetid twit who wrote that vile smut recently broadcast about being a “Nasty Woman.” “Orange Anus” from that undoubtedly luminous intellect — never watched her show to be honest, only know of her from hearsay — Rosie O’Donnell.

As for his “tendency towards the left”?

Many years ago I too, viewed myself as “left wing”, was working as an Office Temp in Toronto, and doing my best to get a permanent job, in the Ministry of Housing. The Manager really wanted to hire me, she was working hard on it. But Ontario had just elected the New Democrats, the provincial incarnation of Canada’s very own socialist party. They had decided to effect this wonderful initiative in support of homeless and low-income citizens of the Province of Ontario; a lovely new rental housing subsidy program… it had gone through the Legislature, it was all ready to be promulgated.. How to inform the rental and income-challenged of the beneficence of the New Democrats? No money to pay for an advertising campaign… money was tight, Canada was in a deep recession…

… Hey! No problem!

The bastards cut all the contract and temp staff working at the Ministry of Housing, and used the money that would have gone for their salaries and wages, to pay for their advertising campaign…

This was the early 1990s and Canada’s first ever made-in-Canada — and massive — recession. I was one of the employees to be thrown onto the breadlines to pay for that advertising campaign. Shortly thereafter I was on welfare.

And thoroughly disabused of the notion of decency among politicians.

Never forget this, Gentle Readers: Doesn’t matter what a politician says. They’re in it for themselves. Always and only. But as to these three items I’ve reflected on?  In the immortal remark of S’chn T’gai Spock:






The reality about politics, which no-one on Facebook seems to grasp: It’s like that peculiar Japanese theatre, name of which escapes me at the moment, likely couldn’t pronounce it anyway: You’re not watching the actors, as the political drama unfolds. You’re not looking at the puppets, manipulated by the actors, as the political drama unfolds…

You’re watching the shadows, cast on a backlit screen, of the puppets, being manipulated by the actors howling in falsetto as the largely bogus and pre-ordained drama unfolds.

The drama such as it is, was written and edited by entirely different people, many of them long dead, and most of whom we’re unlikely ever to know anything much about; they work very hard at maintaining a low profile.

The other thing, as Fred alluded to: The Roman Empire? Were any of you awake during Grade 10 History and remember the teacher talking about “Bread and Circuses”? Donald Trump is a diversion, little ones.. Nothing more. If you take any of it seriously, you are being bamboozled and manipulated to within an inch of your life. Meanwhile there are events unfolding of which we know little or nothing, which will have dire consequences for all of us, and which may happen.. a lot sooner than any of us would care for..

Herein thus is part of the anomaly of Citizen Trump. And I’ll warn you, Gentle Readers, the next few series of posts on this subject are going to be doozies, because I’ve put a lot of thought, will be putting a lot of thought, and effort into this.

To conclude: What concerns me is that these seem, in our present milieu, to be what goes for informed intelligent comment from average people. I’ll talk about the less intelligent among us in my next installment.




PS BTW what has any of what I’ve written, got to do with Fred’s brief homily at the beginning? Plenty, as I hope to illustrate over the next few months.



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