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(Sorry once again I’ve taken so long to post… the exigencies of working for a living in the middle of the night, family issues, yada yada yada..)

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This looks like someone turned a Kafkaesque Japanese capsule hotel inside out
and dressed it up with some hip millennial bullshit.

Are young people sleepwalking into living like upper class bums
and thinking that it’s somehow a cool thing?

Children, gather around: This is bum living with running water and wi-fi.

I have nothing against people for living like bums. I’ve done it. It can be a good tactical move.
What I’m curious about is how, between the early 2000s and now,
living like a bum became something for cool kids to do?

Well paying jobs are gone and not coming back.
It’s getting more expensive to survive. Collapse, Etc.

Have we moved beyond calling it what it is?

I was talking about this PodShare thing with my wife and how I found it inexplicable
that young people could possibly like this. She theorized that it might have something to do
with Facebook. They’re so used to disgorging such ridiculous amounts of personal information
over social media that living in a place with no privacy,
and Bob farting in the next bunk over,
might seem normal to them.

I don’t know.

Anyway, behold…


Personally? This is straight out of Bladerunner. Honey’s talking U$40 – U$50 a night.. For a bunk in a warehouse and sharing space with 30-40 other people? Works out to U$1,200 – U$1,500 a month !!

Or how about this snippet regarding contemporary “easy living”? I find the expression on this fellow’s face… evocative…

… not to mention the whitened knuckles on the steering wheel …


Meanwhile have a look at this:


The article describes how casual employees of a corporate behemoth earning something like $69 billion/year have to commute many miles from where they live to where they work.. Where they work is too expensive to rent any kind of place to live, so they sleep in their cars…

This is gross exploitation. And it recalls stories I have read of what people had to do to survive during The Great Depression.

*..... *..... *

So where are we in the scheme of things?

Taking a badly-needed three-day break from my own not-stellar-paying job, which I can’t really afford to do. Still I’m doing a lot better than those poor souls, not to mention the blessing of socialized medicine up here in the Great White North. That said, since my last post, I’ve been, like the Red Queen, like so many of us, running as fast as I damn can just to stay in one place. Meanwhile to my surprise The Donald, still twittering in the wilderness, is still ensconced in The White House.. No “lone nuts” that “No-one could have predicted!” …and/or… “There was no way he could have been stopped!” anywhere on the horizon …

… Not yet anyway …

… And America is still pretty much, simultaneously about where Germany was… Oh.. May of 1921 and September of 1933… (hopefully it will remain there awhile yet as Yours Truly continues doing things like getting in shape, developing skills and acquiring tools, stockpiling food, blankets, first aid materials, investigating the possibility of acquiring certain veterinary medicines and certain Useful Things best not spoken about too loudly but still very good to have on hand … (Would that I win the lottery so I can acquire a “Doomstead”… Have to start buying tickets I suppose but that ain’t happening…)

Germany in May of 1921 and September of 1933? Go do your homework! I’m not going to elucidate those dates for you. Meanwhile I briefly took down my Facebook page and deleted a bunch of friends, but I put it back up again because alas, being on Facebook is becoming as necessary as holding a Credit Card, never mind how disastrous both these things can be for your personal privacy or long term viability…

As for the Chronic Crisis in the good ol’ US of A, personally I do not understand why most of the people participating in the on-going auto-da-fe of The Donald do not understand how meticulously orchestrated it all is…

And I might add, utterly irrelevant.

*..... *..... *

Open Thread: President Elect Trump (

November 9th, 2016

Well, I got that totally wrong.

I very honestly believed that Hillary Clinton was going to preside over the next phase of the collapse of the U.S.

I struggle for words to express how badly I was dreading another Clinton regime. That bitch (and the scum around her) would have very definitely continued to implode the U.S.

While I’m very happy that she lost, I’m definitely not celebrating the Trump win.

At least the situation is far more interesting now!

The thing about Trump that scares the crap out of me the most is his pledge to round up people who are in the U.S. illegally. I’m very much for securing the border. I’m not for mass arrests. Danger. Danger. Red flag.

What’s he going to do? Deploy the U.S. Marines to places like Santa Ana and wide swaths of Los Angeles County?

Good luck with that.

Is this an improvement over Clinton’s apparent desire to start a war with Russia, which could ultimately result in mushroom clouds?

See these stories:

Could Hillary Clinton Start a World War? Sure as Hell She Could – and Here’s How



The Lethal Lie of Hillary Clinton: Saving Lives with a No-Fly Zone in Syria


Anyway, I’ve been mumbling to myself for the past couple of hours, trying to understand how this Trump victory could have happened.

Did Trump win it fair and square? (From what we know about the lack of security with the electronic voting systems, I’d treat any result as arbitrary.)

Did Trump have help from Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik’s “counter coup” elements in the intelligence world?

A Cryptogon reader suggested that Trump could be installed so that the elite could collapse the system and then blame it all on Trump and the people who voted for him. Just like that, *poof*, the disastrous last few decades of Bush regimes (which include Reagan, Clinton and Obama) are transmuted into a vague stew of amnesia and hate for Trump. Is this in play?

Is there some other explanation?

*..... *..... *

Probably not.

All I can say some months later in response to Mr. Flaherty is there seem to be good reasons some people refer to her as “Hitlery.”

*..... *..... *

Besides Paul Craig Roberts, ( I’ve gotten acquainted with “The Unz Review” ( courtesy of “Fred on Everything” ( It is a most peculiar site, simultaneously Ultra-Conservative yet Radical … Some of the stuff seems plausible.. Some of it is to stick your fingers down your throat; the racism and the purported issue of the “black underclass” in America I find disturbing.. But not for the reasons some might accuse me of… We don’t have a “Black Problem” in Canada that I’m aware of: To our national shame that’s the First Nation’s job. Most of the blacks I’ve known are decent people who, quelle surprise, work hard to get their kids through school, maintain a decent life, save for retirement if they can and the whole nine yards…

How could two countries, one on top of the other, on the face of it so similar, manage to be so different?

Be that as it may, I also learned courtesy of Dr. Roberts that the US of A is right now.. $175 Trillion Dollars in debt. A stack of 1 trillion 1 dollar bills would be well over 11,000,000 miles high — nearly half-way to Venus. You don’t need to be an economist to understand this is completely unsupportable, a collapse is inevitable… and when that collapse happens … Like the Damned in Jack Lewis’s Hell: Best not be outside.




*..... *..... *

From my diary entry of July 18:

5:21 So a bit of writing on a proposed blog post.. First that pod-sharing thing… then that Uber commercial… then I was thinking of Michael Crichton and his novel Rising Sun and 25 years later it’s Eammon Fingleton and his non-fictional In the Jaws of the Dragon

Both talking about exactly the same thing: How we in the United States and The West are being overtaken by — and shortly will be eaten alive by — The East… And what are the luminous intellects in Washington doing about it? Picking fights with Russia, China, and Iran, and nothing about the mega-tsunami of debt that’s likely to wash us all away … meanwhile the biggest computers in the world are Chinese and they’re running on guess what?

Not Windows. A Chinese version of Linux.

Started watching this movie on Netflix about Edward Snowden who was a conservative kinda guy, wanted to serve his country, washed out of Basic Training with a badly broken leg or two, joined the CIA and about a third of the way through watching, he’s beginning to come to his senses, discovering just how tentacline the web of monitoring of the security agencies truly are: If you are on the Internet, the Matrix really does have you: The contents of your hard-drive, everything you’ve ever put on Facebook, your e-mail, your tax records, and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised, your marks at school all the way from Kindegarten on; your immunization records, your Doctor’s, possibly even your Chiropractor’s records.

Actually it chills me to think every time I’ve accessed Service Canada for UI or what have you: Last time I checked.. Everything on record since I was kicked out of the army on a bunch of trumped-up allegations in 1987. Very likely my slanderous military records too.

Lambs to the slaughter, all of us. Useless eaters, all of us.. I think this is what I’m trying to bring out with this “Talking to Deltas about Liberty” business…

For any of you with enough literacy to have actually been able to read the last 4 pages…


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